Corporate Advisory Practice

Support investors looking for business opportunities in China and Switzerland and businesses expanding between China and Switzerland

Our Focus

Capital investment by Chinese investors in to businesses operating in Switzerland to diversify the investors portfolio outside China.

Capital investment by investors in to businesses in China or who wish to establish a privately owned business in China.

Businesses which seek capital investment to expand and develop a foothold in China.

Businesses which wish to diversify in to the Chinese market by way of joint venture.

What we do

Connect investors with opportunities in our chosen markets and procure or coordinate the related advisory services.

Who we represent

  • Our clients include the wealthiest individuals in mainland China and Hong Kong and some of the largest and most profitable businesses in China.

  • Our clients include a range of forward thinking entrepreneurs and established businesses who are keen to expand in China.

Business areas of interest to the investors we represent

> Education
> Sport
> Medical clinics, healthcare & wellbeing
> Mountain infrastructure & know-how
> Manufacturing
Businesses of interest to the investors we represent include those with a strong brand and reputation, which are dynamic and capable of application in China.

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